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Tearing & Drainage Problems

Eye tearing and drainage problems can have many causes. Tearing can result from over production of tears, or inability of the normal tears to drain out of the eye through the normal drainage ducts and pathway. Any abnormal positioning of the eyelids can also cause tearing, as the normal anatomy is required to direct the tears through the drainage pathway. Nerve damage is also a possible cause of tearing, as the physiologic tear pump mechanism may be impaired in those situations. Interestingly, people with dry eyes often complain of tearing. This occurs as the backup tear production system of the eye will produce an overabundance of tears in an attempt to protect an eye that seems to be drying out. Dr. Temnogorod has extensive experience in evaluating and treating all forms of tearing, tear and duct structures and drainage problems. If necessary he can correct an abnormally positioned eyelid, as well as open blocked tear ducts in both adults and children.

About Endoscopic Tear Duct Surgery

Dr. Temnogorod performs tear duct surgery exclusively using an endoscopic technique rather than an external or facial approach. The goal of endoscopic tear duct surgery is to bypass the obstructed nasolacrimal duct and allow for tear drainage into the nose more easily. The endoscopic tear duct surgery is preferred as it avoids any scarring and minimizes or eliminates and pain or discomfort for patients.