Patient Testimonials

I’ve suffered from Dry Eye Syndrome for several years and I’ve tried everything under the sun with little to no results. My everyday symptoms were annoying, frustrating, and they made me miserable. Even the simplest tasks, like reading a book, seemed to be getting difficult.


I decided to get the Lipiflow treatment because anything seemed better than what I was experiencing and Dr. Milner thought I would really benefit from it. After hearing that it had an 80% success rate, it seemed silly not to get it done.


Since my treatment, I’ve had great results! No more tearing, burning or grittiness. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who’s dry eye symptoms are getting in the way of their everyday life. I’ve already started telling all my friends!

-Wendi B

 I recently had the Lipiflow procedure. I had been suffering with dry eyes for about a year. Due to my dry eye symptoms, I was not able to read novels or do crafts, which are two of my favorite past times. My quality of life was greatly impacted. I had read about this procedure in a magazine and was delighted to find out that Dr. Milner offered it. I had also been in contact with the dry eye clinic in P.A. and the procedure was highly recommended by them. A week after having the procedure, I felt complete relief.”


– Donna W.