Many commonly attribute their eye discomfort to dry eye, when the root cause of the burning, scratchy and redness is most likely MGD. To assess Meibomian gland health and to identify MGD, both Meibomian gland function and structure are evaluated. A series of evaluations will be performed to determine if you have MGD. This can include a Lipiview tear film and gland imaging meibography.

The initial Lipiview scan will show us the quality of the lipid layer in your tear film. The blink health, which is crucial to maintaining gland function, is also assessed by determining the completeness of each blink.

The second Lipiview scan allows us to capture and observe the gland structures with high definition gland imaging. Structural compromise, which is otherwise invisible, can be identified to determine the level of obstructed glands and gland loss. Failure to treat obstructed glands is likely to lead to further structural compromise.