Eye center of southern connecticut will be closed on Thursday, December 17 due to the snow. We will reopen for business on Friday. Please stay warm and safe!

Eye Center of Southern Connecticut is now seeing routine patients in all locations.

Trust is a critical component of the relationship between a physician and a patient, and it is with the goal of validating and augmenting your trust in us that we would like to inform you of the steps we have taken to ensure the safety of all our patients during office visits to Eye Center of Southern Connecticut at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that some of these measures may pose an inconvenience to some patients and their families, but all of the steps below have been undertaken with our primary responsibility as physicians in mind: primum non nocere (“first do no harm”). We are committed to providing a safe environment for you as well as providing outstanding ophthalmic clinical care.

Actions We Are Taking Before You Arrive

The premises are cleaned
frequently on a daily basis. Our appointment reminder notifications explain that patients cannot be accompanied by another individual unless they require the assistance of an aid or are under the age of 18. This request reflects our need to minimize crowding in the registration area and in the waiting room. All individuals entering our facility must be wearing a mask.

Voice mail notifications of appointments ask you to self-quarantine and consult with your family physician if you (or family member) have symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. This request reflects our attempt to prevent patients who may have viral infection from spreading it to our patients.

Actions We Are Taking When You Arrive

We ask that you arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment (to reduce crowding in the registration area and in the waiting rooms).

A multilayered triage system has been established to screen out patients at high risk for COVID-19 infection, beginning before entering our buildings with repeat interrogation at the registration desk and finally by the ophthalmic technician.

Your doctor and allied health personnel will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to the PPE, they will be wearing scrubs that can be washed and dried at high heat on a daily basis. This step ensures that none of our clothing is contaminated with virus from surfaces or patient contact.

Actions We Are Taking After You Leave

We have developed an extensive room cleaning protocol that is executed by the ophthalmic personnel for each exam room after each patient leaves the room at the close of their visit. This protocol includes cleaning all instruments used for patient examination, all surfaces in the room (including exam chairs), and computers and keyboards.

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 203-248-6365.

Eye Center Physicians Offering Telemedicine Appointments:

Paul E. Masi
Andrew P. Swan
James T. Murphy
Jenny Temnogorod
Nataliya Pokeza
Margaret E. Moore

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